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Smallpox Vaccination: If the Choice is Left to You, What Will You Decide by Debra Otis

Two Letters from Doctors on
Treating Smallpox Epidemic by Homeopathy

There are a multitude of physicians all over the country who are using this method, most of whom are keen and competent observers. In illustration of this fact, the following interesting letters from Dr. Fahrestock in the East, and Dr. Bishop in the far West, are here subjoined.

Piqua, Ohio, May 25, 1907.
Your letter received and in reply will say that as to the exact number of cases I have given Variolinum, I cannot tell. but to more than 100 cases.

Have not seen or heard of a case contracting smallpox in any form since giving the prophylactic.

I went to see a case of smallpox with our Health Officer (a genuine case) gave Variolinum to mother and son who did not have the disease. All lived together, exposed all the time, mother and son never contracted the disease.

Three years ago had an epidemic. The first man having it came from Cincinnati, Ohio. The case was diagnosed "hives," then chicken pox. When the eruption was coming out he went to the barber shop and was there fully an hour waiting his turn. He had fever, backache, eruption, etc. On each side of him was two of my patients. They in turn looked at him, felt the shotty eruption, etc., and both made the remark, "You have the smallpox." Sure enough the next day another MD pronounced it a genuine case of smallpox.

I gave these men Variolinum 30x. Neither one contracted the disease. One of them was exposed the second time. More than 15 cases were exposed after using Variolinum and none were taken sick.

Just a month ago the family washing was just being ironed, --finished, when the washwoman was breaking out with smallpox, also the husband at the same time. Washing stood there several days. Parties called for washing, also exposed at same time. Took washing home. Next day house was carded smallpox.

In this family I gave Variolinum 30X, had washing put in boiling water, etc. No trouble as yet, and no indications of any. I only give you a few cases and only add a mite to your own experiences.
Yours truly,

Los Angeles, California, May 27, 1907.
My dear Dr. Eaton:
Yours of the 22nd is at hand and after carefully perusing it I am doubtful of satisfying your needs concerning my experience with Variolinum for I never have kept tally of the exact number of cases in which it has been used by me as a prophylactic.

Speaking generally, however, will say that for over a quarter of a century I have used the Variolinum in lieu of other vaccinations, in hundreds of cases, and with a single exception not one of them had an attack of smallpox afterwards.

The exception was in the case of the father of an infant of two and a half years. Said infant had confluent smallpox and had been sleeping with its mother until the fifth day of the disease when I was called and found the disease just verging from the vesicular to the pustular stage. Furthermore, the mother was in the seventh month of pregnancy, and none of the family had ever been vaccinated.

The Variolinum saved the infant, who was tabulated by the health officials as a necessarily fatal case; the mother in due time was delivered of a healthy daughter; the father alone contacted the disease which assumed the confluent and congestive form, but was speedily cured with Variolinum. He admitted to me that he had neglected to take the powders which were left for the family (the Variolinum) and was careless in taking up the floor coverings where his son had been confined; that he breathed into his lungs clouds of dust mingled with dessicated scales that had fallen from the patient. This experience was in the epidemic of smallpox here in Los Angeles seven years ago.

Before coming to California, fourteen years ago, while practicing in Connecticut for twenty-four years, I also had ample opportunity to prove the efficacy of Variolinum both as a curative and preventative of variola without a single disappointment.

To sum up then, the number whom I have protected with Variolinum is all whom have come to me in a continuous and extensive general practice in the past thirty years, with one exception, the circumstances of which were doubtful. The number I have known to be exposed to smallpox after taking Variolinum, are the members of many households in which I have treated cases of smallpox of every degree of severity as well as others outside of the family who were exposed, including myself.
Very truly yours


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