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In today's world with so many problems with our youth we need to take a good look at the way we raise children and ask ourselves some hard questions. We may do our best to raise our children to be kind and respectful, and we may take care to make them aware that promiscuous sex, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are very dangerous and will cause them harm--but what kind of lessons do they learn from the television and movies they watch? And what kind of messages do they get from the music they listen to?

The importance of media can not be overlooked or overstated. The average child in America watches 4 hours of TV a day and sees 30,000 TV commercials a year. American teenagers will process 10 million ads by the time they're 18 years old. If sex and violence are portrayed as glamorous and exciting, and alcohol, tobacco and drug use are presented as being acceptable and cool, the odds are overwhelming that kids will succumb, in some way or another, to peer pressure to experiment with alcohol, drugs and sex.

Most parents are not equipped to fight the culture and have little control over what is going on in the schools or around the neighborhood. And most kids are free to wander and will indiscriminately come in contact with whatever comes along.

Ironically, many parents will watch programs that contain sex and violence. And to add to it, there is the constant bombardment of unwholesome advertising.

What can anyone do about this? The question has to be answered individual by individual. Parents need to be mindful of their own choices, and caring parents need to come in contact with parents of like mind to provide a wholesome environment, a safe haven, for their children. Children's friends and playmates need to be kids that are not drawn into the downward culture of drugs, horror, death and hell that is so prevalent in society today.

Real culture and beauty in music, dance, literature, art and architecture all go into a quality education. Exploring fascinating subjects, learning life skills, participating in physical activity and sports, and being in nature should keep children happy and busy, and at the same time instill a natural aversion to the coarser elements of life, thus preventing them from choosing to experiment with crime and addiction. Character education and spiritual values will safeguard a child all throughout life.

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