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Accelerate Brain Development

A New Frontier
Dynamic breakthroughs in early childhood education that help awaken every child's natural genius have created a new frontier. Parents at home can increase their child's indwelling intelligence with infant stimulation and accelerated learning programs that utilize the right brain.

Accelerated learning was pioneered by Glenn Doman, one of the world's most noted child brain development specialists. In order to help brain-injured children, Doman traveled the world to observe children from different nationalities. He wanted to find out how the brain develops and what role environment plays in brain development.

To continue his research Doman founded an organization in 1955 that later became THE INSTITUTES FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT OF HUMAN POTENTIAL
in Philadelphia. Miracles happen daily at Doman's clinic for brain-injured children. Many paralyzed children with brain injury have learned to walk and to run and to even do gymnastics. Many blind, deaf and dumb children with brain injury have learned to see, and hear and speak. These children all followed a custom-made brain development program designed by Doman and his staff.

Unlocking Childhood Genius
As Doman's research progressed, he came to realize that all children possess an indwelling genius that can be developed as parents actively participate in their children's learning and development. He now operates a school at The Institutes for normal children, ages 3 to 10. Doman believes that newborn children have a genius potential that, if developed, can exceed Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein! In order to access this genius at the highest level it should be stimulated from the very start. For this reason, Doman offers a COURSE for parents and has published several books that explain how to teach babies at home.

Newborns Are the Fastest Learners
According to Doman, brain growth accounts for the young child's vast learning potential. His research shows that the best years for learning are from birth through age six because brain development is greatest during that period. Newborns learn fastest, followed by one-year-olds. Then come two-year-olds, who learn faster than three-year-olds. So it goes, in diminishing order, until age seven.

Babies Are Brilliant
Children can learn anything and everything! The human brain has the potential to hold ten times more information than our National Archives! Early learning is natural, and even the youngest children will eagerly learn all they can. Yet, babies are commonly thought of as having less intelligence than adults, when in fact they are brilliant.

Consider how within three short years a helpless newborn becomes capable of mastering his body and environment. Furthermore, not only does a three-year-old speak his native language fluently, he can easily learn many languages if he is given the opportunity to learn multiple languages!

Children Can Learn to Speak and Read at the Same Time
Doman discovered that reading is a major part of language development. He found that speech and reading capability will develop simultaneously as the centers for both reading and speech are in the same area of the brain. At Doman's clinic, brain-injured children are reading by age two and three. They learn because they are shown word cards imprinted with very large print.

It stands to reason that if brain-injured children can read by age two and three, normal children should be able to read by age two and three when shown similar word cards, and , in fact, they can.

Children need to see the written word when learning to read just as they need to hear the spoken word when learning to speak. In the same way that speech is linked to hearing, reading is linked to vision. However, since a baby's eyes cannot focus on small print, very large print must be used. Most children aren't reading by the time they are speaking because they are not shown words in letters that are large enough for them to clearly see.

Bit of Intelligence Cards
Besides reading, Doman has shown that a two-year-old can do math and acquire encyclopedic knowledge. Doman demonstrates how you can harness your child's innate intelligence with large, picture cards which he calls Bit of Intelligence® cards, or "bits". With each card the child receives one bit of intelligent information, or fact, that goes with the picture.

Bits come in sets of ten cards. For example, a set of bits can show ten different kinds of birds, flowers, airplanes or historical figures. Bits can be made for every conceivable subject and factual information can be printed on the back of the cards.

Discover Your Child's Interests
Bits will also help you discover your child's particular interests and help him pursue these interests. As you observe your child's reaction to bits, note the subjects he particularly likes and provide him with more bits and all thee information you can on that subject. If a child, for example, has a natural talent for medicine or for music, he will show very keen interest in bits on the human organs or musical instruments, and will want to see more on those subjects.

Best of all, bits are a wonderful way to bond with your child and expand his or her potential!

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