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Heart Parenting
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Parents are a child's first teachers.
Child's genius is developed
through nurturing.

 Montessori Home

E-zine Contents

   Early Learning Pathways

Babies Have Genius Potential!

Reading Preparation in Infancy
The first phase of the Absorbent Mind (birth - 3 years)

Learning to Read is Play
The second phase of the Absorbent Mind (preschool)

Photographic Memory and the Image Brain
According to Dr. Mokoto Shichida, young children have the capacity to develop photographic memory because the right brain is dominant in early childhood. To develop photographic memory, Shichida recommends showing the baby large numbers of flashcards.

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   Early Learning Library
FREE flashcards for infants,
toddlers and preschool children

FREE FLASHCARDS for reading and math

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The Montessori Home

Montessori principles for child
development in the home

Montessori’s Materials for Sensory Education
It is through the sensory functions that the child lays the foundation of his intelligence. The word ‘didactic’ means designed or intended to teach.

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   Lady Madeleine's Coloring Book

To prepare the hand for writing
and all types of handiwork

.Lady Madeleine's Coloring Book
Download a free coloring book. Scenes are idyllic, fanciful, as well as everyday life experiences children enjoy. Creative iimagination can take flight.

Lady Madeleine's Colored Illustrations
The finely
colored pictures naturally set the standard for the child's coloring work. Child enjoys coloring while looking at the delightful and inspiring colored illustrations.

In addition, colored illustrations are Ideal picture cards for babies. Images are beautiful. Pictures radiate peace and stimulate joy.

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   Learn At Play Activities
Fun educational activities for children

Meet Baby Genius
Child learns by teaching Baby Genius

Meet Gardner Gnome
Create a play garden

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 Developing the Child Brain

Developing and protecting the child brain

A Series on Mobility
Crawling and creeping are foundational to brain development. Movement is essential to learning.

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Music to Enhance the Brain

Gently stimulates brain development

Great Music
Fine music enhances brain development. This list provides the best and most loved music from the classical masters.

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Great Books for the
Mind and Heart

A parent approved listing
of high quality books

Grade School and High School
Books that will instill correct values and healthy attitudes and help with character development.

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Her 10-year-old son
mysteriously knew lots of things in school he couldn't remember ever having learned!
Free Educational Flashcards & Learning Materials
Online training and a wealth of free information for parents and teachers moving early childhood and elementary education forward.
Studies prove children are endangered by cell phone radiation and they shouldn't use them.
Discover what the child needs to have available in his environment.

For parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, childcare providers and anyone who loves children.

$20 per month pays tuition for a child to attend the Montessori preschool.

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