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      In a previous article I apologized that the article could not explore the nature of God except to say that God is both the eternality of being and the totality of being and that meditation upon "eternality", "totality", and "being”, reveals absolute perfection. In this article I shall touch upon the subject in relation to life in the womb and man’s place in the cosmos.

      It is this author's conviction that the body temple of the soul belongs to God, the creator of the soul, and that the body temple is a priceless gift from God. The gift is given so that the individual can evolve in matter, time, and space, and overcome the evil that permeates the planes of material existence. When this is accomplished the individual returns back to the Godhead as a masterful being, worthy of being made in His Image.

      The soul of the child is the custodian of the developing physical body. To kill the body is to cause great pain to the body, mind and soul of the child who is yearning to be born and dwells in higher dimensions of life, while, att the same time, the soul is integrating with the developing physical form and dwells on the earth plane, simultaneously, as she moves freely from one dimension to the next.      

      God can be compared to an ocean, and the human being can be compared to a drop of water extracted from the ocean. When the drop returns to the ocean it merges and becomes a part of the ocean and contains all of the qualities that the ocean contains. But as the drop merges into the ocean, unlike the sons and daughters of God –the drop does not increase in quantity and the drop looses its original individuality.

      With man it is different. The individual whose consciousness is attuned to God's consciousness does not loose his individuality. The individualization of the Godhead is the very purpose of creation, and human beings evolve in God's consciousness. This understanding reveals just how precious a human life is!

      If a man is not from God and is not of God, and has not the potential to become God by being ONE with God, then, the life of man, whether in the womb or out of the womb, may be defined as being of little or relative value. And this is the position of the atheist and the pro-abortionist who do not regard all human life as sacred (except, perhaps, for their own lives and those whom they may favor.)

      Man, separate from his identity in God, is comparable to a machine, and like all machines will eventually wear out. A human created in a laboratory by the science of genetic engineering and cloning is the 'hewn' man, or clay model, and we can see how the word “human” originated. Believe it or not, Ancient legends and cuneiform tablets say that genetic engineering took place on Lemuria and Atlantis, and depict alien intervention. The account shows aliens (called Gods) even mixed human and animal genes and created Homo sapiens and the other more grotesque creatures. Some say it is all happening again, today, by means of covert underground experimentation. Still, a startling amount of genetic engineering and cloning is going on today that is out in the open and is not, at all, hidden!

      I highly recommend the book Fallen Angels Among Us: What You need To Know by Elizabeth Clare Prophet to gain a greater understanding of how such evil came about and why it is ensconced in the world. For your convenience, I am providing the LINK.

      Leaving off from the subject of a Godless mechanical creation that has no divine spark, the human being created by God has being. The word “being” means that which "is" or has existence, which denotes the spirit infusing the clay. God is BEING and his name is given in the Old Testament as, "I AM THAT I AM" or "I AM".

      Many students of science have attempted to describe or define the nature of the human being, but too few have perceived that a human being is an individual with a divine spark in his heart. Neither do they perceive that man has the soul potential and opportunity to put on God's consciousness and manifest his divinity. Man's potential is realized by his electing to become one with the Father, as did the Buddha and the Christ. (For a non-sexist understanding of what this means go here.)

      Embodiment is the soul’s opportunity to evolve, to fulfill its mission in life, to put on the spiritual garments of purity and holiness, and to return to God in the fullness of the ritual of the ascension, as was demonstrated to the people by Jesus who is our exemplar and the way shower for all "who have eyes to see".

      Only absolute good, or perfection, can endure the eternal cycles of Being! God is the All Good. And man and woman (womb-man), made in his image, is the one following after!

      But idolaters of beloved Jesus say that we are not to be as Christ is, and that his perfection is the exception to the rule rather than the rule. Yet Jesus said, "Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (And he also said, "Why callest thou me good? There is none good but God.")

      Jesus is speaking of the perfection that is of the Spirit, and he is telling us that we must be one with that. He is not speaking of flesh and blood perfection, as flesh and blood can know only a mechanical perfection that is theoretical at best.

      Who among us dares to strive for perfection of spirit and how can it possibly be accomplished unless GOD BE IN US? Therefore, Jesus bids us to be one with him and the Father.

      If we are one with him and the Father, how can we not be like him, as he is in us and we share in his divinity? Jesus' divinity is in his perfect consciousness, centered in God's consciousness, and divine reality.

      If we are, truly, one with the Christ, we dwell in the higher consciousness of the Christ – Christos –meaning the "anointed one", in Greek. And of such was Jesus. His mission was to demonstrate to the people the Christ-consciousness, so that in seeing, all may become. And we must not fail him in our own path of personal Christhood, for we are called upon by our Lord, as recounted in the Christian gospels, to do even greater works than he did! How can we do greater works than Jesus unless we are like him in potential?

      Oddly enough, the same bible that is used to justify the idolatry of one son of God says that we are all gods, as Jesus pointed out to his accusers. We may all be gods, unbeknownst to us, as the good book says, but there is only ONE GOD, of whom we are all an integral part, and ONE SON OF GOD, made in the Image and likeness of his creator.

      This image and likeness is the archetypal pattern of perfection that is given for every son and daughter of God to become. It comprises the spiritual light body of man and of woman that is his higher consciousness, or the "new man" which the apostle Paul tells us we must "put on". This new man is the Christ, which Jesus was and is, and which each man must become. This is the only true Image, or Son of God... How precious is the opportunity that is afforded life! And how tragic it is to abort life!

      Each soul comes to life with a mission, a great divine plan that God has created just for him. Untold millions of abortions have taken place, one heaped upon another. These are souls whose mission in life has been aborted, and those whose mission on behalf of life has been denied – individuals whom God has sent forth to take dominion over the earth. We need them in embodiment, and they are not here with us to help us or to contribute their genius and their worth in solving the many dire problems that have beset mankind and planet Earth. Many advanced souls have tried multiple times to embody, but have been aborted again and again. Where lies there any greater tragedy?

      And what is to be said for the value of less evolved souls or souls of seeming less importance? Are we not all a part of the great ocean of God and equally important in God's eyes? For what are we made out of, then, if we are not made of the very stuff of His Being? So wonderfully are we wrought, and made in His Image – in all of our God-given potential – so evidenced in the life and in the genius potential of the newborn!

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