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Choose Morality?

     Why does morality matter? Because it is imperative for the survival of the family and of civilization! Morality is not old-fashioned and there is not another more practical option in choosing a lifestyle. It is the obvious solution to the problems of unwanted, unplanned pregnancy, teenage pregnancy and becoming a parent before one is ready.

     Morality would soon put an end to sexually transmitted diseases and the deadly AIDS epidemic that kills and infects millions.

     Morality would swiftly end the abortion epidemic and the untold suffering of millions of babies, as well as the many psychological problems that beset a large, and still growing, number of grieving women, not the least being those suffering with permanent damage to the reproductive system and finding themselves in the sad situation of not being able to have a child when they want to have a child.

     Immorality is supreme selfishness, and selfishness is the major cause of divorce. Morality brings stability to the family unit and provides a chalice for deeper meaning and love in the marital relationship.

     Morality and love in relationships would prevent the problems and hardships that go hand-in-hand with premarital sex, which puts the cart before the horse, and the relationship becomes too serious before the parties know enough about each other, resulting in unwed pregnancies that yield a much higher incidence of abandonment, broken homes and divorce and accounts for the alarming rise in the number of single parent families since the so-called revolution in sex began.

     As immorality becomes more and more prevalent and the sexual union between man and woman is desecrated and becomes more and more profane, a greater and greater strain is placed upon children and upon the family. And the problems seem to go out in all directions as an untenable, nevertheless, completely avoidable, burden is placed upon the whole of society.

     Above all, we see the horrific increase in child abduction and ritual child sacrifice, satanic murder, unbridled pornography, rape, rampant pedophilia, child trafficking and 'sex tourism' where a child is purchased to be abused, sexually assaulted, tortured and, as the final act of this heinous crime, murdered! This abomination is committed primarily by seemingly respectable affluent middle class men that can afford the money it takes to take the life of a precious little five-year-old Mexican girl in a perverted act of sex. How does this happen and why do they get away with it?

      I highly recommend the book Fallen Angels Among Us: What You need To Know by Elizabeth Clare Prophet to gain a greater understanding of how such evil came about and why it is ensconced in the world. For your convenience, I am providing the LINK.

     Such inconceivably evil things may have occurred once in a very long while in the 'good ole days'. However, many 'old timers' will testify that they did not happen with even a smidgen of the frequency and intensity that we see them occurring today. These things were largely unheard of before the sixties, and it is the sexual revolution that championed immorality that has brought to us all of these horrors, magnified and multiplied beyond the capacity of civilization to endure, much less thrive!

     In a nutshell, immorality has caused the death of many people and has ruined many lives. It is blatantly evident that immorality is also a large player in the field of poverty and hardship where fathers do not provide for their children and mothers do not teach them.

     The ramifications of immorality are evident all around us in STD and fatal diseases and the welfare state that wallows in a poverty consciousness, desperation and despair. Many among the poor and the not so poor have resorted to suicide or to what is called "sweet death", with the taking of drugs as an escape, and the entering in to all manner of crimes – with murder, suicide and death being at the end of the line of such human degradation.

     Being a single parent involves difficulty and hardship, and children of single parent homes suffer emotionally and psychologically throughout life, though the human spirit will always try to adjust and make the best of things and, with God, healing is always possible.

     Killing a child in the womb causes great suffering for both the mother and the child. The women that think their abortion has not harmed them are not in touch with themselves or their true nature. And they are insensitive to the cry of the soul wanting to be born and to the needs of those couples who are pleading to God for the chance to adopt unwanted babies. But God can only touch the hardened hearts of these women, who deny they are hurting, when they give Him entry into their hearts.

      Immorality has resulted in a divorce rate that is so high that the threat of future extinction to the traditional family unit must be taken very seriously if things do not correct themselves and they continue accelerating in the wrong direction. The direction we are going is where the union of man and woman is less and less sacred, and more and more profane, and where even the body of the child is abused and molested and used as an object of sexual pleasure in the family. The DPHHS says it is happening in many families! Again, this was unheard of before the sixties.

     The family is the foundational unit of civilization upon which all of civilization and human life depends. A life that is void of love and grown in a test tube is the alternative to children being born of a loving father and mother who are there to raise and care for them in a closely-knit family unit – which unit is the primary building block of community.

     Promiscuous sex leads to unwanted pregnancy. The growing epidemic of unwanted pregnancies is what led to the social acceptance of abortion. Now with legalized abortion in place, life is no longer sacred! Acceptance of abortion leads to the acceptance of euthanasia. The acceptance of euthanasia leads to the killing of the elderly and the handicapped. The killing of the elderly and the handicapped leads to the acceptance of suicide – and ultimately to killing for any reason that is deemed to be convenient in the Brave 'New World Order’ of society we are being promised.  

      A moral choice is a responsible choice, a choice that reveals integrity, strength of character and a developed conscience. The abandonment of morality has brought a tidal wave of ills upon humanity, with death in every form following after. And death will continue on the rampage, until we see the end of immorality –or life on earth finally comes to an end.

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